You may have seen a few teasers popping up on your social feeds recently and have thought ‘What on Earth is this?!’ Well, we’re happy to announce that the wait is over.


The Greener Room is the place to discover how you can become more environmentally friendly. We’re exploring the world of Marketing and Communications far and wide, including within our own organisation, to share ideas on how you can join The Greener Room and become greener yourself (this doesn’t mean turning into the Hulk, it means taking the environment seriously). We’re using this platform to share the most effective and sustainable campaigns and processes that organisations within Marketing, Communications and Print industry can adopt, whilst also suggesting ways YOU can contribute to the Greener movement too.

The brains behind The Greener Room project belongs to the award-winning Marketing Services Provider, We Are Resource, a carbon balanced Marketing Provider. All organisations should take their environmental policies seriously…We could just list all our policies on a webpage buried on but we want it to be at the forefront. We want to shout about how we, and other organisations within the Print and Marketing industry, can be sustainable. So, we said goodbye to the boring policies, and hello to The Greener Room.