As a marketing and printing business, we are aware that if we do not act and take on sustainable practices, we would be adding to the decline of the environment. We are always searching for ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly in every aspect of the business, from our suppliers to our factory floor and within our offices.

We reduce our carbon footprint.

By having energy efficient ventilation systems, we control the office temperatures by harnessing cold outside air instead of traditional cooling methods, not only are we keeping our staff cool, but it also improves the air quality and reduces unnecessary power consumption. Our carbon footprint is measured as part of our certification as a “carbon offset publication printer” in association with the World Land Trust. Our carbon footprint has been falling since 2016.

We have planet-friendly partners.

In line with our ethical procurement policy and ISO 14001, we ensure our suppliers share our goal to be sustainable. By working with like-minded suppliers, we contribute to the wider effort to limit the negative impact business and individuals have on the world around them.

We reduce our power usage.

It might be frustrating when we must perform the ‘lights have gone off’ arm dance in the office because you’ve been sat still for too long but by using PIR sensors we ensure that areas are not being lit when there are not being used.

Our building is also designed to optimise the use of natural daylight to reduce our energy consumption. Even our lithograph printer utilises UV lamps to ensure that the ink dries as it prints, this eliminates the need to use inks that are solvent based which release harmful compounds to the air and reduces our energy consumption.

We recycle everything we can.

Every recycled paper cup, shredded piece of paper and ink cartridge helps contribute to our overall commitment to reduce waste throughout the business. We even add our imaging oil from our HP Indigo to a recycling agent to allow it to be repurposed whether that is in the printing process or in maintenance. We follow all WEEE recycling regulations to ensure all our used and redundant electrical equipment is recycled and that hazardous materials are properly and safely disposed of.

We use 100% sustainable inks.

Instead of using ink from crude oil, a harmful, finite, and non-renewable resource, we utilise vegetable-based inks that are by-products of crop cultivation and can provide high quality, vibrant colour, it is also easier to ‘de-ink’ paper that has vegetable- based inks printed onto.

We use plastic-free packaging.

By using PolyAir packaging, which is made from a sustainable by-product of sugar cane pressing-process that provides us with sugar and ethanol, we avoid using the usual harmful fossil fuel-based plastics for packaging without a drop in quality or strength.