CIPR Climate Comms - Opening a conversation about brand sustainability

Starting a conversation with clients and other businesses around green washing and sustainability can be difficult. Listen how the panel approaches these conversations to educate clients how they can avoid greenwashing and the actions that they can take to improve their sustainability.


Host: Trudy Lewis
Panel: Sian Conway-Wood, Founder and Director of Ethical Hour.
Andras Sztainiszlav, Strategic communication advisor, President of the Hungarian PR association
Asif Choudry, Sales and Marketing Director, We Are Resource

CIPR Climate Comms

“Print is not sustainable.”
We’ve had to encounter and overcome these conversations.

There’s a misconception that print can not be sustainable. At the CIPR conference back in May 2021, Asif Choudry, Director of Sales and Marketing at We Are Resource, spoke about how we need to educate customers on the sustainability of print communications as a supplier striving to be greener ourselves. The Greener Room is the beginning of that journey.