The Greener Room. If you’re looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly, you’ve found the right place. Everyone talks a green game, but there’s a good chance that they won’t do as much for the environment as we do, and you could too. Using resource as your communications partner can help to reduce your carbon impact, fact. So, read on and let’s be greener together.

The Greener Room brings you Comms Recycled, where we will take you on our journey to making communications greener. We will be sharing insightful knowledge from a range of guests including leading comms and marketing professionals, and exploring how we as individuals and businesses can adapt our ways to become more sustainable.



We are Carbon Balancing

Since 2013 we have balanced the equivalent of:


Tonnes of Carbon

which has enabled World Land Trust to protect:


Acres of critically threatened tropical forest.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Resource is one of only a handful of carbon balanced printers accredited by the World Land Trust, meaning everything that we produce on your behalf has been offset through the Carbon Balanced programme which funds conservation projects around the world at no extra cost to you. Now that’s reassuring.

“The money given to the World Land Trust has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of”

Sir David Attenborough

Let’s beat Global Warming together

Carbon balanced print helps combat global warming and delivers against your corporate social responsibility. Everything we produce on your behalf contributes to your commitment to reducing your carbon impact.

Your printed material will display the World Land Trust logo and you’ll receive a certificate from resource to advise the amount of carbon balanced and the area of land protected as a result of your positive action.

Our commitment to the environment is very important to us and it’s valued by our people and those who we work with. Our offices and factory have been designed with the latest technology to make the best use of natural light and energy and we’re very serious about our carbon footprint and minimising our impact on the planet.

Keeping it greener.
It’s a responsibility we take seriously

Innovative free cooling and heat recovery systems throughout the business allows Resource to condition office temperatures by harnessing cold outside or ambient air instead of traditional conditioning methods. This allows us to not only improve the air quality within our business but also further reduce unnecessary power consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

PIR sensors, which detect body heat, ensure that lightning in communal areas is utilised efficiently and turn off promptly when there is no one present further reducing our power usage and energy spend.

Like our lighting and ventilation the building is also designed to use optimise the use of natural daylight. Limiting our dependence on artificial light, especially during the colder months, further reduces our energy consumption and is an example of how innovation helps us reach our environmental goals.

In line with our ethical procurement policy and ISO 14001, we make a particular effort to guarantee our supply chain is populated by organisations similarly dedicated to being environmentally conscious. By working with like minded suppliers we contribute to the wider effort to limit the negative impact business and individuals have on the world around them.

Through our environmental management system even the finer details contribute to our holistic environmental approach- recycling our paper cups contributes to our overall commitment to reduce waste throughout the business.

Rather than usual harmful fossil fuel-based plastic for our packaging- we utilise Polyair which is made from a sustainable by-product of sugar cane pressing- the process that provides us sugar and ethanol. This packaging 100% carbon neutral and full recyclable without a drop in quality or strength.

We go to extra lengths to ensure all cartridges are recycled to be used in future printing processes. Our imaging oil on our HP Indigo is added to a recycling agent to allow it to be repurposed whether in the printing process or in maintenance- Further contributing to our commitment to reduce waste.

Unsurprisingly, we use a great deal of paper and, as one the most sustainable resources out there, we can ensure that we keep paper waste to a minimum ensuring it is properly recycled as well as using a certified confidential waste disposal service who make sure confidential information is destroyed and then recycled securely.

Full compliance with the WEEE recycling regulations ensures that all used and redundant electrical equipment is recycled, not sent to landfill, and that hazardous materials are properly and safely disposed off.

Our lithograph printer utilises UV lamps that dry ink as it prints instead of using quick drying inks that are solvent based which release harmful compounds into the air. This technology provides faster turnaround, lower power usage while retaining quality finish.

We even bring sustainability to our ink- Instead of utilising ink from crude oil- a harmful, finite and non-renewable resource- we utilise vegetable-based inks that are by-products of crop cultivation and can provide high quality and vibrant colour. Paper printed on with vegetable-based inks are also far easier to ‘de-ink’ further increasing sustainability of our printing process.

Everything we do is audited through our Environmental Management System (EMS) and accredited through ISO14001.
Now that’s reassuring to know.

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